Boh Tea Plantation – Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

How it all started. Back In the 6th century apparently, a Buddhist monk brought tea to Japan. Jump forward to the 16th century and you have these Portuguese missionary guys introducing tea to the Europeans. The world just hasn’t been the same.

I started this series of posts about Tea a few weeks ago and went on a quest to find the Best Tea in the World. Needless to say that is an impossible task however, jump here to get the full story. I’ll tell you what I consider the best if you tell me yours. You can see my recommendation in a minute.

Looking out into Cameron Highlands from my hotel window the morning came early, as it usually does, with crowing roosters and barking dogs. It never fails, where ever i happen to be, could be NYC or here in Malaysia, the damn roosters always wake me up. So off to breakfast.  I had breakfast at a local backpacker spot known for the good pancakes.

The owner can not speak or hear or at least thats what i think, she could just be playing around with the American, no really she can not speak or hear, i think. Anyway, you point to what you want on the menu, she signals with fingers how much. A banana pancake and tea, 3 fingers or $1.

The largest Tea plantation in Cameron Highlands is the Boh Plantation.

Boh Tea provides housing and facilities for it’s Indian migrant workers. Providing housing for immigrants is very uncommon in Asia.

I tried many excellent teas over the past three months ….

I even had eggs boiled in tea …

This Tea is interesting, it’s a fermented tea and it gets better with age like a wine. It’s the most expensive of any tea i have encountered, this brick or plate cost $15, cheap. Aged ones cost in the hundreds. It is smoky in flavor and mild. I’ll see what it taste like after a year in my sock drawer.

I have come to realize how uninformed I am about TEA. It is very much intertwined into every culture with varieties that one cannot begin to explain. So I can’t claim i have found The Best Tea in the World yet, but i can claim i have found the one that best fits with me for the time being. Purple Cane Jasmine Tea, strong and flowery.

Purple Cane Jasmine Tea


12 thoughts on “Boh Tea Plantation – Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

  1. Anonymous

    Very educational set of postings, Tanner! Now it’s time to start a new “trilogy”. Perhaps the hunt for the best “chicken on a stick”?

  2. Rachel

    The one, expensive tea, gets better with age like a wine, can you find some better place than a sock drawer? Don’t take risk… :)


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