TEA Part III – Cameron Highlands or “We have found the source.”

The Nepalese syndicate has given up chase, the hotel in Cameron now has water, I have found the perfect Teapot, now to get to the source … Confused? Read the beginning here: Back in the USSR.

The mountainous region of Malaysia holds a cool spot called Cameron Highlands. This place is the primary TEA region and vegetable producer for the country. On the way to the mountains i pass a few waterfalls, tourist spots selling baskets, backpackers, and an occasional new friend.

Established in the late 1800’s as a hill station and retreat for the English at the time, it has become a popular destination for a weekend holiday and backpackers around the world.

There are three main plantations in Cameron Highlands, Cameron Valley, Sungai Palas Tea Plantation, and Boh Plantaion.

Cameron Valley

Tea shrubs creep up to the back door, every inch of land is cultivated.

Waves of deep green two-foot tall shrubs carpet the hills in rows and poke-a-dots. Cool breezes follow the terrain and thoughts get lost in the patterns as you try to follow migrant workers in the far distant trails.

Sungai Palas Tea Plantation

You have to close your rear view mirrors to navigate the one-lane roads through the plantations. A tea plant or tree can produce marketable tealeaves for about 100 years.

Early 1900 English Tudor buildings dot the landscape. I have drank so much tea i have to head to the hotel. On the way I come across this beautiful guest house, built in 1934 as a boarding school for the English expatriate children.

Bala Chalet

There are accommodations for every lifestyle. My room was a modest $60 US. This room below you can get for $5, literally this is a place you can sleep in for the night.

And the Twin Pines, a famous backpacker hotel, you can get for $20 a night, others run in the hundreds of dollars.

You don’t’ leave Cameron Highlands without some fruit and vegetables.

I am just about tea’d out. Over the past month I have tried at least 25 different teas. Did I find the Best Tea in the World? Next, day two and the largest plantation in Cameron Highlands.


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