The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly …

I just couldn’t eat it, i tried but i just couldn’t, more on that later. I was supposed to be in the mountainous Malaysian High Country this weekend traipsing through tea plantations but being Malaysia the hotel calls me up late Friday afternoon and says they have no water, but if i still want to come I could bathe in the kitchen sink and use the toilet in another hotel. Hmmm … so i postponed for two weeks and they offered to upgrade my room. Now what do i do for the weekend …

The Good

The iL Lido is considered one of the best restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. I had to try it. I called my good friend and dragged her out into the night.

Although located in an inauspicious building the staff was well trained, friendly, and with no reservation, very accommodating.

Had to hold back a laugh on the dime size appetizer.  Fish tar-tar on a cherry tomato, very good by the way.

Arugula salad and an odd combination of fried calamari with potatoes.

Pasta with veal, sirloin with gorgonzola cheese, and potato terrine and black truffle.

All pretty good but not the best. The steak was one of the better i had in Malayasia and the potato with truffle was a very good contender. The night was not over so on to the bad.

The Bad

We leave the iL Lido and head to the Sky Bar on top of the Traders Hotel. A popular hang out for the elite and those who “want to be seen” in KL. The views are not Bad but Techno music commanded by a DJ is not quite what I had in mind as the sunset slowly slips through the Petronas Towers and gives way to the night.

I’ve heard good and Bad deals are made and broken over a drink in this bar.

The Ugly

The next day my friend says she wants to take me to the best lunch where tourist buses literally line up for this dish but as you will see i just couldn’t bring myself to eating it.

In the back streets of KL, behind the façade of new shiny buildings, are the restaurants and housing catering to the working class however, tourist busses block the streets and thousands of Chinese come for the famous Pork Mee (it’s just ugly).

Pork Mee is pork noodle soup, every piece of the pork, liver, intestine, and grizzly something’s i can’t describe, just ugly.

Next Cameron Highlands and Tea Country

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