This is not a movie review – Precious

The 1999 adaptation of Anna and the King featured Jody Foster and Chow Yun-Fat and was filmed in part in Malaysia. The story line is typical and reminiscent of similar genres like the Sound of Music and the ever popular Mary Poppins. A single woman is hired by rich people to take care of the rich kids, woman falls in love with the man, or the kids, or both, and lives happily ever after, or in the case of Mary Poppins who flies off to badger another rich family with rich spoiled kids needing magical remedies to fix physco-physiological parent issues, anyway wonderful endings.  But ! 

But this is not about a movie and I only make reference to the Anna and the King because the restaurant I just ate at has the Victorian-style chairs which were used on the movie set of Anna & The King. In fact I may have sat in the same chair that Jody and Mr. Fat sat in.

I met Ivan and Rachelle for lunch on the last day of Chinese New Year at the Precious Old China Café and Bar. Ivan recommended this place and i have to thank him, it was very good. Thats them over there ->

The establishment houses many antiques and artifacts and serves a wonderful fare known as Baba Nyonya cuisine by Malaysian chef John Locke. Baba Nyonya is a fusion of Chinese and Malaysian and Mr. Locke does it rather well.

Pai Tee appetizer

Bean sprouts, shredded turnip, carrots, peanuts, and dried shrimp with a side dish of chili sauce.

Squid in Sambal, sweet, spicy, and the squid was cooked tender.

The Rice was cooked in coconut milk and tinted blue from a flower placed in the pot while cooking.

Sautéed noodles with chicken and chicken curry, oh so good.

A simple Wrought-iron pull welcomes you to the toilet but a secure sliding lock protects you from the outside.

Located in the circa 1928 Central Market building i recommend this place. The staff were great and food was so good.

Window in the back room.

Next, Foong Foong !


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