Fire Cupping – Ancient Chinese Torture

Fire cupping dates back to 1300 BC, believed to relieve stress, remove toxins, and cure a number of other decease and ailments. A friend and i went for a massage and the traditional Chinese fire cupping.

The flame heats the air in the glass orb then it is applied to the skin. As the air cools, suction is created pulling the skin and blood to the surface.

This is my back. It hurt a bit and felt like my back was about to fold up but i do feel stress free, just wondering if it will cure a receding hair line. I’ll let you know.

Wonder how long this last?

9 thoughts on “Fire Cupping – Ancient Chinese Torture

  1. Anonymous

    Tanner are you crazy!That fire cupping does not look pleasant.You will try almost anything won’t you.Be carefull

  2. Hoo Sze Ling

    I inadvertently signed up for one of these massages in Miri. I thought she would doing some new massage ritual …. little did I know it involved fire cupping!!!! I rushed for my flight and when I got home, I was like “WTF???” Luckily it disappeared after a week or two.


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