Okay, I ate chicken feet …

I knew it had to come to this sooner or later. Most Chinese restaurants serve them, so it was inevitable that one day I would eat a chick foot.

(You can find chicken feet recipes at the “nose to tail at home” blog, if you are so inclined, Photo by C. Fred: http://www.nosetotailathome.com/offal-guides/offal-chicken-feet/)

A few colleagues took me out last Sunday night to a place call TTK Restaurant. I have no idea where it is but I know it wasn’t Kansas. We ordered an herbal soup which was very good and pepper soup with chicken feet. Good?  You have to decide for yourself because my dear friend next to me was downing them like French fries.

Chicken feet are not that foreign to Americans and are mostly consumed in the deep south of the US. I have never tried them and I know no one who has, until now. I always thought of them as an oddity in the grocery, scrawny appendages, scaly skin, something akin to Yoda’s hands whirling his light saber.

Known for the collagen and medicinal purposes this Chinese delicacy takes some getting use to. I just can’t get my head wrapped around the idea of eating chicken feet that have been tromping around in the muck and grime of a chicken coop, but I tried one anyway.

You wrap your mouth around a digit and suck. The skin slides off, and maybe a bone, just spit the bone out and place it on the table.

Taste like chicken!


8 thoughts on “Okay, I ate chicken feet …

  1. Alexis

    yeah!!! chicken feet…recommend to try on Braised Chicken Feet With Mushroom or “Dong gu gai geok” in Cantonese

    btw, enjoy reading your post..

  2. Nancy Ustach

    I have a friend who married a Chinese woman a few years ago and she has made chicken feet. I tried them because she had cooked them in their home. Not bad like eating crab a lot of work for little meat. I understand the best chicken soup stock is made with the feet because of the gelatin in the joints.


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