Dragons in Malacca

I arrived this morning and while walking the streets of Malacca, the tail of a Chinese dragon caught my eye as I passed a doorway secluded from the main streets.

I peeked inside a sacred Chinese place of worship. No one was around, not a soul. I could hear voices in the distance and wondered if i should go in? I removed my shoes and stepped through the threshold, the quiet solace of being the only one was exciting.

Row after row of traditional Dragon costumes filled the temple room. I looked back at the door I just came from, still no one. Should I touch one?         Oh … I want to touch one.

Obviously these are being prepared and at the ready for bringing in the New Year tomorrow. The Dragon Dance dates back to the beginning of time and is a symbol of prosperity and good fortune. Out of respect, i did not touch anything.

I stepped into many shops, one of interest and associated with Jimmy Choo (See shoe post here: FEET ), was Joyce How and her hand made beaded shoes.

Local Chocolatier

Saved by the founder of Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles, the last remnants of the 1411 Portuguese fort.


I have to explain dinner. Capitol Satay has an array of items on bamboo sticks in a refrigerated counter. You go to the counter, collect what you want, go back to your table and dip the food on a stick in a boiling pot of peanut sauce (satay celup), you are charged by the stick.

Come nightfall the streets are blocked off and a Mardi Gras atmosphere spreads through the city.

This is a great little town just to walk around for the weekend. With the historical backdrop there is a lot to see and do, not to mention the food. I will return.


9 thoughts on “Dragons in Malacca

  1. The Onyx Plate

    You really outdid yourself with these photographs on this post. Absolutely gorgeous, and I’m so proud of you for not touching the Dragon items. I’m not sure I would have been that strong. :)

    I just want to lick the chocolates in that one photo!!! Stunningly beautiful….

  2. Connie Lacey

    Dave – These pictures are beautiful of Malacca…..I enjoy your post so much and have told other friends of your adventures. The Dragons are beautiful…. I just came from a Chinese New Year Party at Shun Lee Palace in Charlotte. It should be a powerful Year of the Dragon…. so I am told. : } Thanks for sharing.

    1. Dave Post author

      U can have any pics i have. The top left item is called the “Thousand year old egg” An egg buried in the ground and fermented for about a month. not bad…
      Let me know which u want.


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