Malacca, Malaysia and Chinese New Year

Siamese Pirates, Vietnam marauders, Thailand armies, and any other surrounding countries were constantly in and out of this little city of Malacca robbing, stealing, and overthrowing the inhabitants of this strategic port town. Eventually the Portuguese obliterated the Malaysian infrastructure in 1511, succeeded by the Dutch in 1641, and finally handed over to the English in the 1824 to keep the port city out of the hands of Napoleon.

Malacca is two hours South of Kuala Lumpur

This beautiful little sea town is a mix of Art Nuevo meets, colonial, meets old world Chinese and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Base board tiles in the old buildings.

During the weekend of Chinese New Year i decided to drive to Malacca. It was exciting to say the least.

I booked a hotel over the Internet and gave it good reviews. When I arrived it was less than expected. The hotel caters more to the backpacker end of the spectrum and for 28$ US I should have known what to expect.

I use to backpack and still do but now it’s in a car or plane and a hotel with a pool and bar. Just the bare essentials.

Good ole Casa Blanca Guest House did not disappoint. Modern electrical and state of the art security system gave me a peace of mind. I had to share a bathroom but the room was clean and confortable and overall I think I would recommend it.

Lunch was enjoyed with Donald and Lily. Donald, that’s him there on the right, said this house, now restaurant/house, has been in his family since 1887. Lily, known as the boss, works in the kitchen, that’s her with the apron, very nice couple.

Laksa – Fish cake, noodles, bean sprouts, clams, fish balls, all in a coconut milk base soup.

Tourism dominates the town today and businesses and hotels have taken over the old colonial buildings.

Later in the day I stopped at this bar and had a beer and vegetable spring rolls.

The day is half done. I’ll be back to this bar later to catch the Chinese New Year festivities.


4 thoughts on “Malacca, Malaysia and Chinese New Year

  1. The Onyx Plate

    Favorite shot on this one….the shot down the aisle of the tables with the pink flower. Those tables and chairs have so many wonderful stories to tell I’m sure. I love how they are in the shadow, they’re neat and straight, and you can see the sunshine in the background. Made me smile. Thank you. :)


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