# 22 on the “Must see list” in the world – Penang Island, Malaysia – Hotels

Day two in Penang brought a smell and feel to the senses that will be embedded in my memory for as long as I live. Penang and the port city of George Town, provides a variable cuisine and a rich history filled with UNESCO heritage sites. 

My tour guides told me this was the best. The morning began with a typical Malaysian breakfast, Hokkien Mee at the “One Conner Cafe”. 

You have to get here early as the place fills up fast …

And you may have to wait an hour to get served this wonderful noodle soup from this one particular vendor …

Homemade Rice noodle, Egg noodle, shrimp, pork, a chicken stock flavored with palm sugar, fish and shrimp shells, and chili paste, usually a secret recipe only known to each vendor.

And Coffee and the best Mee i have had.

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

The Cheong Fatt Tze Manasion was built in the 1880’s. Cheong started out penniless and grew a business empire of banking and finance.

Cheong built houses in Hong Kong, Singapore, most of the counties in Asia, and of course Panang.

Officially acknowledging eight wives’ Cheong also had concubines in each of his mansion locations. Cheong died of pneumonia in 1916.

 UNESCO recognized the mansion in 2000 and it is now a boutique hotel.

Shih Chung Branch School

You won’t find this in any tour guide. I tried to go inside but the stairs have long been cleared from the foundation. Just look at this magnificent structure.

Where I am standing was once known as the Millionaire’s Row where the rich and famous lived but due to two World Wars this street and the surrounding buildings are now just a memory. 

Old post card of the way it use to be.

This wonderful building has had a long and torrid past, it was built as a home by millionaire Cheah Tek Soon in the 1880’s. In 1908, the building was sold off to Tye Kee Yoon and housed the Chinese Residency before being sold to the infamous Raffles group who made it into a hotel.

The hotel was a failure and was later turned into a school. When World War II came along the Japanese Military used the building as their headquarters. After the war the school occupied the building again until 1961 at which time the school moved to a new location. The building has been abandoned ever since.

Eastern and Oriental Hotel

Established in 1885, by the Sarkies Brothers, the E&O is at the top of the hotel food chain.

Back in the late 1800’s the hotel became so prosperous the brothers opened the Raffles Hotel in Singapore in 1887 where the Singapore Sling was invented. The E&O has seen the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks and what better place to enjoy the English tradition of High Tea. Little did I know High Tea stops at 5pm, but not to worry we just made it High Beer time instead and enjoyed it in the 127 year old bar.

Bar, Lobby, and Backyard

I stayed at the Cititel Hotel in George Town. It is clean and not bad, I recommend it. I came back from a walk and the maid was finishing up the room. I ask if I could take her picture and she smiled and without prompting she gives me one of these poses! 

Nice young lady, college girl, she made it known she was a Christian and not a Muslim, which by the way all hotels have a sticker on the ceiling pointing in the direction of Mecca.

On the other end of the hotel spectrum are the backpacker hostels and rooms. 

Next the Ramly Burger !!!


One thought on “# 22 on the “Must see list” in the world – Penang Island, Malaysia – Hotels

  1. The Onyx Plate

    I love the red noodle bowl photo, and all I want to do is climb up in that mansion! I just want to go explore it!!! Wasn’t there a ladder nearby? Or, do you think it was illegal to climb up in the building? Very very good post. :)


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