Thanksgiving in Malaysia

What does Malaysia and Thanksgiving have in common? Not a damn thing.Thanksgiving holiday weekend is coming up in the USA. For those who do not live in the US, Thanksgiving is a traditional “Cook a turkey, stuff your face, wear the stretchy waistband pants” kind of holiday.

Thanksgiving 2007 (Henley’s house)

Declared as a national holiday in 1863 by Abe Lincoln, the first Thanksgiving was celebrated by the pilgrims and the American Indians in honor of God and good fortune. The pilgrims gave thanks to a safe passage to the newly discovered America, and the American Indians? Well, they didn’t know what they were in for, unfortunately.

The “First Thanksgiving” painted by J. Ferris is in all the history books but this painting is very misrepresentative of the time. Pilgrims did not dress like this and the Indians are wearing the wrong headdress and apparel for the area and time. But Americans go about blindly believing everything we read and see.

One true aspect of this painting is that there is always a dog under the table.

Thanksgiving 2007

The usual suspects at a Thanksgiving gathering are family you haven’t seen in a while and close friends. There have been some mishaps along the way during my Thanksgiving gatherings, like the time uncle Joe got so drunk his teeth fell into the green beans, full upper bridge, smiling at a table of 12 from the middle of a plate of string beans, all were grateful that the teeth didn’t fall on to the turkey.

Thanksgiving 2008 (My brother’s house.)

My brother’s cat has no shame. A turkey will be in that place shortly.

Thanksgiving 2009 (Donna’s house)

Malaysia has the most national holidays than any other country in the world and some, like Thanksgiving, are to give thanks. There are 13 national holidays and 30 religious or state holidays. I can’t keep track of them, I have shown up to work on a holiday more than once and no one was at work. So I have appointed someone on my team to let me know when a holiday is coming up. I think they don’t tell me on purpose.

Thanksgiving 2010 (Use to be my house in NC)

I don’t have a picture of what has now become known as the “Uncle Joe” fiasco but he is fondly remembered. The fact of the matter is that no Thanksgiving is a Norman Rockwell painting but the event is always memorable.

So, to those who read this blog, to my family and friends, I give thanks and wish you a happy Thanksgiving holiday.


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Malaysia

  1. Anonymous

    We always picked out at least 4 hens who were on an egg laying strike, and into the pot they went for Thanksgiving Dinner. It took at least 4 hens to feed our family of 10. The remaining hens always took notice as their egg production went up immediately. I was in the Navy before I had my first Turkey Thanksgiving Dinner. Still prefer an old hen with dumplings though.
    Really enjoying your blog, especially all the beautiful photos depicting the various foods you are finding in your part of the world. Keep them coming.

  2. Anonymous

    Dave – I know you cannot celebrate with all us over here in the US, but know that you are in our thoughts on Thanksgiving Day! Just love your blog sweetie! Happy Turkey Day!!
    Connie Lacey


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