Singapore – Sunrise from the 41st floor

Marina Bay Sands Hotel – Sunrise from the 41st floor.

Cargo ships can be seen in the bay waiting to be loaded or relieved of their burden.

To the TOP – the Sky Park

The top of the Marina Bay Sands has a structure floating elegantly above all three towers. Resembling a boat it is called the Sky Park and is the size of an aircraft carrier. The pool seems to drop off the edge of the world.

The hotel has some of the best restaurants.

I decided to eat at Mario Batali’s restaurant.

Mario Batali’s restaurant “Mozza” was very good, well managed, and the professional staff, very efficient. I talked to the Prep chefs manning the salad station within the bar enclosure. Most had been there since the beginning.

Mario’s books were stacked for any who would like to purchase one. I wonder who the second author is in his book, Mark Ladner. Second billing and smaller print, hmmm.

Slicers were hard at work cutting paper-thin Prosciutto di Parma and Soppressata.

Fresh baked bread is within arms reach stacked high at the bar.

I had the pasta and clams with a romaine salad. Very good, the salad dressing is prepared at each serving, simple lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper nothing more.

Sky line of Singapore at night

Great Business trip


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