Mountain Biking in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Well maybe not mountain biking but a sponsored ride through the city of Kuala Lumpur put on by OCBC Bank.

The Venue started and ended at Merdeka Square where Malaysia celebrated its independence from British rule in 1957. Old colonial builds surround the square where once upper elite Brits played polo and dined in the Tudor style Royal Selangor Club.

Several vendors and events took place prior to the 51kl or 21kl rides. The crowd kept increasing as start time approached.

I’m ready, is it on straight? Brought my Fat Frogg hat from Elon, NC.

Excitement started to rise as camera crews worked the crowd.

My Bike: Specialized S-Works

Start time: Crowd in front of me.

Crowd in back of me.

Off we go, we pass by the Petronas Towers and the iconic KL Tower can be seen in the distance.

It was a well planned event and a great way to spend a Sunday morning. I’ll be back next year.

Last Friday’s Lunch

Thank goodness for Ivan my colleague and lunch buddy. I would probably starve if it weren’t for him. Last Friday we find ourselves in another fine restaurant in Puchong. You know the place, you take a left at Dandar Bukit, a right at Kebuth Puteri, but if you see Taman Wawasan you’ve gone too far.

A Chinese restaurant, Leon Ha specializes in Tun Foo (I got this right Ivan?) kind of like tofu. As usual I let Ivan order.

Breaded deep fried pork in a sweet sauce. Very good and very fatty.

Steamed tofu stuffed with fish. Not bad, taste like tofu.

Now this was very good. Baked chicken in paper. Golden brown fall off the bone goodness in a sweet soy sauce.

This is wonton soup, it’s called something different here but I can’t remember the name for it. This was some of the best wonton soup I have had. It had just the right amount of chicken flavor, ginger, sesame oil, and the noodle was cooked perfect, making my mouth water just writing about it.

We kind of made a mess of it.

This was a great lunch and only cost about $12 for the both of us. Make note: if you go to a Chinese or Thai restaurant and they don’t sever chilies, get up and walk out.


7 thoughts on “Mountain Biking in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  1. Rachel

    How did you bring your bike to Independence Square?
    Were you taking the photos when you were riding? :) Do you need to stop while you took photos? :)

    1. Dave Post author

      I stopped along the way and took photos. I put my bike in the back seat and parked at the old Petronas Komplex. You know this area? you been here?

  2. Rachel

    Tun Foo –> We called this Yong Tau Foo…(direct translate from Cantonese)…
    I found you finished all the chilies padi, was it the best…heihei…:P?


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