Malaysia – Back in KL with clay pots

Sitting on top of charcoal fueled pot stoves, clay pots line the back of the Shi Yue Tian restaurant with orders and dishes ready to be served.

 The Shi Yue Tian is an unassuming establishment located in the Ponjong district of Kuala Lumpur.

Of the thousand cooking techniques in Malaysia cooking in a clay pot, from Chinese origin, is one of the popular methods. The cooking container is a non-glazed porous clay pot that is soaked in water so as to release steam during the cooking process. There are many types and shapes but the most used in Malaysia are of this construction below.

Ivan, my lunch buddy, brought me here and he knows this area. He is Chinese and can speak Chinese, Malay, and of course English. Ivan has taken me to places where only locals can go. See this post. (Below, inside facing the small kitchen)

I would not venture into these areas on my own because some restaurants do not speak English and most do have a convenient sign like this.

This is the rice steamer. It stood shoulder high and apparently could cook enough rice to feed an army but I was satisfied with just a small bowl.

Chicken meat ready for the order.

Bowls wait patiently to be filled with stock of choice. Although these bowls have been well worn it does not deter the many patrons.

We ordered the ginseng chicken soup and the chicken rice. The ginseng soup was earthy tasting and not a favorite.

But the chicken rice, cooked in the clay pot, was exceptional. White rice with a sweet glazed chicken.

Next week Mountain Biking though the city…


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