South Korea – The ugly American

This is my last post on South Korea so i thought i would leave a few parting words and some pictures.

In South Korea there is not much talk about North Korea and no one really seems to care they are only 25 miles away from this fabricated dystopia. Like Japan, Korea is an occupied country. There are many US military bases here, one of the perks for the US when you help a country settle a war.

I can’t claim I know anything about the culture of South Korea but what I do know and experienced is that the Koreans are friendly, open, and caring. Like this lovely lady who carried on a conversation with me during the Saturday market.

Or these two ladies who talked with me like i was their neighbor.

And the young lady, shopping in the market, who didn’t mind if i took a picture of her baby while leaving her purse unattended hanging from the carriage.

Not once did anyone say no to getting their picture taken, except the prostitutes.

My stay in South Korea was short and I didn’t get a chance to try the grubs or stuffed squid …

I wanted to linger a little longer in the market …

I wanted to leave a prayer on a piece of paper dangling from a string on this rock thing …

Or spend more time with my good friend Rick.

However, I did have one confrontation in South Korea in front of the 3 Stooges bar, post is here. I was talking to one of the waitresses when I encountered a drunk American solder yelling at me wanting to know what I was doing there taking pictures. The waitress tried to wave him on but the man just told the young lady “where to go”. Now this is not typical of US service men but this guy was just an Asshole.

This guy walked up to me and puffed out his chest, stood 6 inches from my face, balled up his fists, and looked at me through glistened eyes. I was thinking, “Now where was Rick?” This guy must have thought he was “Mr. Homeland Security.” I diffused the situation by introducing myself and i quickly shook his hand.

This confused him, so easy to do, i wish i had a picture of this guy.

We talked a few minutes and he finally smiled, mumbled, and then walked away.

It’s a shame, but the ugly American is alive and well. I can’t believe that the only person i had a problem with in Korea was a fellow countryman. I have been to many countries and every time i hear loud obnoxious rude behavior, it’s always an American.

Anyway the confrontation did not dampen my experience or what i thought of the people and country of South Korea…

And, i have to thank Rick and his wife for my stay. Maybe next time I will see them in Malaysia.


6 thoughts on “South Korea – The ugly American

  1. BrainRants

    Was stationed there for 2 years, and you’re right, Koreans are very warm people. Unfortunately you’re also right that there are a few too many drunk GI’s stumbling around.


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