Seoul, Korea –The Seoul Tower and the second best meal I ever had

In the middle of Seoul is the Seoul Tower. Built in 1969 it sits atop Namsan Mountain.

You can walk or take a cable car to the top, great views of the city.

I had to borrow this picture of Rick’s beautiful wife as I didn’t get a picture of the light house behind her. Before electricity the mountain was used for communications to other mountains in the area. Fires would be lit in these chimneys to signal to others across the lands.

Isn’t she cute, ok on to the BBQ

On this same day we went to the Gyeongbokgung Palace, well I went while Rick stayed in the car with his broken leg.

Korean BBQ

Called Gogi-jip, Korean BBQ restaurants are as numerous as McDonalds in the US. Finding a great one is not too difficult.

Rick called his Korean friend and handed the phone to the waitress to ensure we ordered the best they had.

The best and highest quality beef is called Hanwoo. This Hanwoo was marbled to perfection and cooked on charcoal.

Along with the beef are an array of Kim Chee’s (of course), vegetables, and condiments, anything fresh the chef picked up in the market the morning before.

I can’t say this was the best meal i ever had nor that greasy hamburger we had the other night but they were very good.

Next prostitution in Korea


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