South Korea – Best meal i ever had

(The following pictures are posted with permission and is done all in fun.)

This is my good friend Rick and he just broke his leg three days before I got to his house in Korea. He and his wife live in Asan, South Korea and I have known Rick for almost 30 years. His wife is out of town and he was so kind to take the time to ferry me around with a broken leg.

The second night in Korea poor Rick’s foot was in pain and he said he had to go have it looked at by a professional and get some medicine.

Rick makes a call “Yeah we are on our way, it’s an emergency, I’m parking at the front door.”

To my surprise we pull up to The Three Stooges, one of the local bars in the little town of Asan.

These two young ladies talking to Rick own the bar and have helped Rick and his wife in their time of need. They quickly administered a prescription. Poor guy is in such pain.

You can tell Rick is in real agony. Just look at him, poor guy is in excruciating pain. I can’t stand to look at my friend any longer in this state.

Oh cruel world the humanity! Can’t you see my friend needs help!

(Don’t worry Mom there is nothing illicit going on here. The young ladies are just trying to get more of Rick’s money.)

Finally the gods must have been listening because the color is coming back to Ricks face and he is looking better. I was getting worried.

With medicine administered, we decide to go get a mid-night snack. We walk and hobble to Mama Burger, a road side cart.

Mama serves hamburgers with a side of deep fried chili peppers.

This was one of the best meals I had in Korea. The Hamburger reminded me of a McDonald’s double cheese burger with a fried egg.

The chili peppers were stuffed with vegetables and deep fried.

The peppers were crispy, spicy hot, and salty, excellent meal to end the night.

Next morning we will see the Seoul Tower i think…

2 thoughts on “South Korea – Best meal i ever had

    1. Dave Post author

      Ha… Poor guy was hurting the next morning. But it was all innocent and a lot of fun. I can’t eat like that very often. ;)
      Thanks for visiting.


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