Locals only – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This is Ivan and his lovely wife Rachel. They took me out to dinner tonight to a place that is literally situated under an overpass. But dont let the location indicate anything other than great food.

With only a tin roof for cover the kitchen and tables are all al-fresco.

This type of Chinese food was authentic and Only Locals come here. I am so privileged!

First they bring out a plastic bowl, for what I assume is to sterilize the drinking glasses and chopsticks. Ivan poured hot tea over each glass and utensil and Rachel dried, the bowl was discarded. Then the tea was poured. I have seen this before and is a common practice in many Chinese restaurants.

This is the wall against our table that leads up to the highway above.

The specialty is steamed whole fish and clay pot pork. 

Served with clay pot pork is fried dough. It tastes just like a Krispy Kreme doughnut without the sugar. It’s used to dip in the pork stock, oh so good.

Sautéed cabbage with peanuts

Roast pork, two types, in a rich stock great for dipping and sipping.

The steamed fish had a spicy sweet black bean sauce. Add some chilies and this was excellent.

Bak Kut Teh did not disapoint. Some of the best food i have had here.

A great experience and a thanks to Rachel and Ivan for a great find. I hope to return.

This establishment is located at the intersection of Old Klang Highway and underneath the over pass for Pantai Baru Highway in KL. Look for the crowd and an occasional troll.


4 thoughts on “Locals only – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  1. Ves Fulp

    Dave, I hope you are planning to put all your writings and photos in a book when your return. Combining all you have posted is sure to be a best seller, and will give Ron a little competetion. Since both of you are such good writers, I suspect it has something to do with heredity genes passed on from your mom and dad. Ruth and I love all your journals, keep them coming

  2. Nancy

    The fish dish looks amazing. How about start collecting the recipes as you go along it would be fun to try to replicate them when you return.

  3. Dave Post author

    Nancy, i would love to collect the recipes and i have bought a couple of Asian cook books. The guy cooking under the bridge probably wouldn’t stop cooking my fish to write down a recipe but he did like getting his picture taken. I’ll make it a point to cook something for you when i get back ;) thanks. Dave.


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