The Pavilion – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I try to avoid the mega-malls but for the ease of parking I found myself in the mother of all mega-malls, The Pavilion. One of the newest downtown malls in KL it has high end shops like Prada, Versace, Louis Vuitton and caters to the affluent European and Middle East clientele. I seldom have reason to be in here, but I am surprised when the escalator takes me up to a wonderful food court from the parking deck below.

I’ve only been through this mall to get to the other side of the block.

I needed to get to Low Yat plaza, which is several blocks away, to find a backpack for my camera. Low Yat plaza is everything IT, cameras, computers, and there is a post of it here.

 On the way back I stop at the bottom floor of the Pavilion for lunch. This is a very nice food court, they got Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Siamese… it’s all here! Give me a moment it’s just too much.

All malls have a food court but this one is new, shiny, clean, and there are lots of tourists so pulling out my camera is a common occurrence here. The food court is like any you see in the US, restaurants are around the circumference; you walk up and order then sit in the center to enjoy your meal. I’ve been here twice now. The first time I ordered from MEE JAWA.

You pick your noodle and how you want it prepared.

 This had a light coconut milk stock, with seafood, tofu, chili paste on the side, fried shallots and crushed peanuts on the top with a side of lime to squeeze all over it, and the obligatory boiled egg, so very good.

On my second visit I went to Roast Honk Kong, they serve roast duck and chicken.

I ordered the chicken and noodle. The chicken was very good, sweet crispy skin with a light sweet sauce, noodle was not that good, a little bland.

This is one of my favorite food courts however, the down side to the Pavilion or any food court in a large mall is that you lose the authenticity, the cultural feel, the mingle-ability with people, so by no means am I giving up or overlooking the street hawkers and the many wonderful independent ethnic restaurants still out there to explore.

Next, Lot 10 food court and next week I head to KOREA to visit a friend. Hope to have some great pictures.

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