Restoran Pao Xiang – Puchong, Malaysia

I will eat just about anything or at least try it. I ate jelly fish in Singapore, didn’t like, I ate sea cumber in Malaysia, didn’t like it, aaaaand I’m pretty sure I will not like this bulb of glutinous mass.

At the Restaurant Pao Xiang they serve this. Look at this thing,

I mean, JUST LOOK AT IT!!!    I can’t take my eyes off of it!

The “string tied meat” is the specialty and is mostly fatty pork skin, looks like about an inch thick of skin, you know what I’m talking about, that pig knuckle looking thing in the grocery Americans only use for seasoning.

The typical American will meticulously remove the fat from pork after it’s cooked but not the Chinese who have been perfecting their technique for centuries. The ham shank down to the hoof is the primary cut of meat, so is the pork belly. More recently in the US, Pork belly has become popular in high end restaurants. It is served daintily in small portions on a bed of something with an elaborate sauce. Very good, but it does not have the history like the char siu, sui kut, or hong shao the Chinese have come to love and master.

So we went to this Chinese restaurant for lunch today, the Restoran Pao Xiang in Puchong, a suburb of Kuala Lumpur.  They have several locations in Malaysia and their tag line is “String Tied Meat” cooked in a clay pot. 

The waiter talked to my colleague in Chinese and pointed at me with his pencil. My colleague pointed at the picture menu. “He said you would like this one, it has more meat.”

We ordered the Bak Kut. Stewed pork in a rich broth. The meat was tender and the pork stock had a wonderful five-spice Asian flavor.

Service was also very good. They brought out extra pork stock after we sipped down the first two bowls. Served with straw mushrooms in a broth and green vegetable, it was all very delicious.

I can’t eat like this very often as the fat content would do more damage than satisfying my culinary whim but my friend tells me of another clay pot restaurant that is even better! In the name of science and discovery, one more won’t hurt.


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