Little India – Brickfields. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Muslim event known as Ramadan has ended and we are at the end of a week long holiday in Malaysia. During this time Muslims leave the city to visit family. This is a good thing, my 25 minute commute to the grocery store is now reduced to five, love it. But it won’t last long so I better get out and drive somewhere, like the Brickfields!


The Brickfields is a neighborhood in Kuala Lumpur that has a second more colorful Little India than the one in City Center. This area has a great walking tour and many other religions are represented throughout the community. 

Constructed in 1904 in honor of the spiritual leader Vivekananda Ashram, that’s him in front, this building is still used for spiritual education.

Within the neighborhood there is a Catholic church, an Orthodox Syrian church, and this Lutheran church built in 1924.

The Maha Vihara Buddhist Temple was founded in 1894. 

Sri Kandaswamy Temple built in 1902 is so busy it wwill make your head spin. 

Sam Kow Tong built in the 1950’s. If you go around to the back I read it sits next to a brothel, is was too early in the day to notice any activity.

If you come to Little India in the Brickfields take a breath, the place is filled with the smells of jasmine, cardamom, and incense. The streets are lined with clothes, silk, spice, and gold merchants and the people seem relatively friendly.


2 thoughts on “Little India – Brickfields. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  1. Kathy

    Beautiful temples, churches. Love the colors/carvings. Must be a real treat to get a taste of the culture through the art & architecture. Fresh flowers on the Buddha and altar, that fountain………….oh,my! Nice Dave! Beats Disney. This a daily life for people.


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