Little India – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Police, Pickpockets, & Old Buildings)

Kuala Lumpur has two Little India’s one in City Center and the second in a neighborhood known as the Brickfields. Why they need two, I have no idea. I imagine it happened many millennia ago so I’m not going to question it. The first one we visit is City Center, you need to mind your valuables and don’t carry anything in your back pockets …

The main attraction of the City Center little India is the Bazaar. If you find yourself at the Masjid Masque (below) you are deep into a labyrinth of stalls and shops, mingling shoulder to shoulder with the crowds, easy to get lost.

Dress makers and Carpet merchants

The police rushed into this intersection and started confiscating this vendors goods. Not sure why.

City Center Little India was established in an older section of Kuala Lumpur and you
will find some great examples of 1900’s colonial architecture.

Nobel Hotel (1917) now shop fronts and appartments.

Modern Fashion for the modern woman.

1920 building.

Not sure why this façade is saved but the empty
space where the building once stood is now a parking lot.

Front and back

On to some food. Old Town White Coffee is a chain coffee shop started in Ipoh, Malaysia. Their claim to fame is their white coffee which is baked coffee beans instead of roasted, or is it the milk and sugar they add to make this otherwise decent drink into a sweet, adrenalin boosting, diabetic killing slurry of muck. I always ask for my coffee black at Old Town, it still comes with sugar added.

Their menu is not bad and they have some decent noodle dishes and Malaysian fair. Always trying something new I ordered the Asam Laksa the other day. Big mistake as this is an acquired taste. It is a noodle dish in a rich fish mud stock with a large sardine. This is not a small sardine you find in a can, it’s a large unclean whale of a fish with a taste to match. Needless to say I could not finish it.


2 thoughts on “Little India – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Police, Pickpockets, & Old Buildings)

  1. Nancy

    Glad to find time to catch up!!! Traveling vicariously is almost as good as being there. I will have to attach a Reba foot from Beaufort!


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