Moon Cakes (Howard Hughes & Area 51)

When the Chinese returned from the moon in the early 50’s, huh, what? You don’t believe me? Yeah, they secretly got financing from Howard Hughes, you think Howard was held up in that hotel in Vegas all that time? I think not. When their rocket ship fell into the Nevada desert, now known as Area 51, the project went into Top Secret Double Detention (TSDD for short. Langley taught me that one.) The picture below explains it all, this is Area 51. Of course the rocket ship is obscured by a permanent cloud created by the government so Google can’t see it.


Suppressed for decades by the Mongolian’s the Chinese revolted during the August Moon Festival in the year 1368, the Chinese succeeded in pushing out the Mongolians but not without the help from the moon cake.  Over the past week I bought a few of these so called moon cakes to see for myself what all the fuss was about.

During the revolt the Chinese would hide secret notes in the moon cakes and give them to their compatriots. Also, hidden messages were printed on the surface of the moon cakes in the form of a simple puzzle that only the Chinese knew how to decipher. Once deciphered the small cakes were eaten to destroy the message.

This one on the left called “Mixed Nut” tasted like dog food but sweeter. Huh? Now you are going to tell me you have never tasted dog food? STOP! Go get a nugget out of that bag in the pantry, go ahead, I’ll wait, and add some maple syrup, now eat. Ok, now we can move on. (Can’t believe you ate that thing) Looking at the ingredients listed below you can see why this one tasted like hamster hair!

It’s like mixing soy sauce with Gummy Bears, they just don’t mix. But if the Chinese can go to the moon they can figure out how to blend just about anything and make it taste good. This is the actual ingredients on the package: Whole Shell Almonds, Walnuts, Sesame, Melon Kernel Seeds, Dried Winter Melon Cubes, Dried Chicken Meat, Chicken Floss (I have no idea what this is.), Scallops, Sugar, Refined Vegetable Oil, Maltose, Kow Flour, Eggs.

The Green Tea flavored one on the right was very good. It was light with the essence of Lily flavor, very nice, tasted like a flower smells.

For the Chinese this is a big deal, so much so that Starbucks has capitalized on the Moon Cake. Some come in elaborate gift boxes.
Dragon Fruit Lotus and Panda Mung Bean (left), Coffee flavored Lotus paste (right), not the best but ok.

Mango flavor (left) was very good too.

Only available during the August Moon Festival, now known as the Moon Cake Festival, these cakes are as beautiful, silky, heavy, and sweet as they are to eat.
If I had to rate them, Green Tea was the best, and the worst? 
Hamster Hair.

4 thoughts on “Moon Cakes (Howard Hughes & Area 51)

      1. Dave Post author

        Thanks Alice for viewing. You can get these in any of the malls or stores in Malaysia during the Mid-Autumn festival during September/October. It’s a Chinese treat and they are very good…

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