Canopy Walk Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A few weeks ago I read about a forest reserve just outside of town with a canopy walk 90 feet above ground in the jungles of Malaysia.  Jungle! High places?  Yep…
The climb to get to the walk-off point is through a sweltering jungle all up hill, you will lose a few pounds. Water and a towel are essential.
Check point guy asks, “Where you from, Australia?”

I wanted to say, “Jeez! No i’m not a friggin Austrailian.” But i didn’t and just sighed and said,  “No USA.” The sigh is because everyone asks if I’m from Australia. I guess it’s the Southern accent.

Check point guy, “Don’t see many Americans.” He points the way. “Hang on, don’t fall off.”

Now I’m a little concern about the durability of this walkway. Knowing firsthand about the ingenuity of the Malaysian “fix it is good enough” attitude, I examine this thing built of aluminum ladders and fishing net.

I had a leaky trap under the sink one time that needed to be replaced and the landlord sent over a plumber. The plumber examined the trap pulled out some plumbers tape and wrapped it round the trap to stop the leak. With a big grin he said, “There, fixed!” 
(Why don’t you put two wraps around it so I won’t have to call you back!” Cynicism will get you know where and falls on deaf ears around here.

It was a little shaky at first but the views were great.
Prehistoric looking conifers.
The forest reserve is doing a very good job of teaching students and the public about the importance of the jungle and what needs to be done to save these dwindling lifelines. The reserve uses the platforms for scientific study of the canopy plants and animals.
Sometimes you don’t want to go out to eat because your hair is in rollers, the cat has a hair ball, whatever the excuse is you decide to stay in and order out. Kuala Lumpur has a fair take out service, actually two, I prefer GoGourmet. You place your order online from a number of different cuisines and they deliver right to your door. Check out their web page they may deliver to North Carolina.
Tonight I ordered from the Indian menu.
Chicken Curry Samosa (6pcs)  RM12.00
Tandoori Boneless Chicken Leg  RM12.00
Bindi Bhaji Ladies Fingers (v)  RM12.00 (Okra)
Plain Naan (v)  RM3.00 

Total Shipping: RM10.00

Total: RM47.05 or ($15.66 US)
Not bad, palatable, and it all comes in these recyclable cardboard boxes, suitable for storing hair rollers.


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