Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

World’s largest free-flight walk-in aviary, of course I had to go see it.
Fat Frogg hat made it in.
If you are ever in Elon, NC, USA go visit the Fat Frogg Bar and Grill, good food, good people, just a great place. Ask for Peter.
Scarlet Ibis
Yellow -billed Stork
Sacred Ibis
Peacock and Baby Peacock
The main feature of this park is that most of the birds have free-flight within the 21 acre netting. Some birds have to be kept in cages like this old owl sleeping way the day. He would eat half the 3000 species kept at this park. With too many birds to show here I’m just going to go have some sautéed chicken feet.
Causeway Bay Restaurant
I took a picture of their menu…
Sautéed chicken feet, yum!
Chicken Gristle, not sure what that is but I know I don’t want any.
Duck Tongue with chili and salt.     Is your mouth watering yet?
Crispy Pig’s Intestines, I know some people in North Carolina who would love this.
Well I didn’t come for any of that but what I did come for was the crab. This may not look like much but it was sweet, spicy, sticky, deep fried, soft-shell crab, and it was wonderful.
Next, a canopy walk through the jungle…

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