Phuket, Thailand – Pang Nga Bay

Pang Nga Bay is a stunning place with its towering limestone outcrops. Made famous by the movies “The Beach” staring Leonardo DiCaprio and the “Man With the Golden Gun”, my pictures just don’t do it justice.
This is May and Irth from Bangkok, a very nice couple vacating in Phuket. May’s excellent negotiation skills got our Long Boat price down from 1200 baht to 800 baht a piece for a 3 hour tour. That’s $26 US, I bet Ginger and MaryAnn paid more than that for their 3 hour tour on the USS Minnow back in the 1960’s.

Among these monumental outcrops is the village of Koh Panyee, completely built over the water.

For 200 years these people prefer to keep their way of life they have enjoyed for centuries. Long boats tie up to the dock. Fish traps hold the days catch.

A concrete pier has been built over the years that ties the houses together. The walk to the concrete pier is precarious.
To supplement the fishing life each family sells souvenirs, cooks food, or entertains.

The villagers have all the essentials.

A man gets a shave, another mends his net.
A lady sits most of the day cleaning mussels.
People are born and raised here.
Lime stone monoliths carpeted in greenery shadow over the village.

 Further out into the bay we have what is now called James Bond Island, filmed in the movie the “The Man with the Golden Gun”.

If you recall the movie this is Scaramanga’s Island and a big antenna comes out of this pinnacle formation.

We move on to some other islands where kayakers are exploring the caves.

Our long boat was able to make it through this archway.

This is a must visit if in Phuket, and a wonderful way to spend a day.

Next Thailands Sex Trade …


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