Phuket Thailand

Phuket is a beautiful place, pristine beaches, unbelievable terrain, and hundreds of waterfalls. I had time to visit one waterfall called Kathu Falls (see map) where you could swim and cool off under the falls.
It was close so I drove to the foot of this hill, climbed the steps …
that turned into concrete steps …


that turned into a dirt path.

Hot, sweaty, I wanted so bad to get into the water however, upon arriving I was very disappointed.

Apparently the rainy season has not started and the falls are but a mere trickle. Oh well, I did see this forest crab …  

One temple I wanted to see is called Wat Chalong about one hour South from here (See map). Wat Chalong is one of the more beautiful temples in Phuket.

Some do’s and don’ts.
Don’t position yourself higher than a Buddha, don’t touch a monk, and DO donate a few baht.

Buddhist come to pray, give offerings of gold leaf, or look for good fortune. This lady is shaking a cup full of prayers printed on sticks; the one stick that falls to the ground will spell out her fate. 

Every temple has a few dogs. According to my friend Sally the monks take them in and care for them.

Later that night I returned to Pantong beach and my hotel. Phuket has great seafood. I visited the Savoey restaurant where you pick out your seafood and the chefs will cook it how you like it.

One small lobster and one huge prawn should do it.

These shrimp are as big as you hand.
Sweet and sour lobster with prawn, oh very good.
The proper formal greeting in Thailand is to place your palms together, touch the tip of your nose with your finger tips, and bow slightly.
  Next, Phang Nga Bay, extraordinary

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