Phuket, Thailand

Thailand is in a mode of tremendous change as indicated by the resent election of its first female Prime Minister. Her challenge is to bring the have and have-nots closer into alignment.
Much of the country is still very rural and poor which leads many to earn a living by what means they can. This man balances two baskets on his shoulders. One side has vegetables and sauces and the other has a charcoal grill.  


This woman is considered fortunate with a traveling restaurant on her motor bike.
Moving on I read about Rang hill in Phuket town that has the best views of the city below. Traveling up this hill was daunting as two cars can barely pass the winding road. Notice the GPS.
On the way up I pass another Buddha temple.
Resident monks…
Resident dog…
Resident Dragon …
There are always a multitude of staircases to climb to reach a place of interest
Bidding farewell to the monks I continute driving up the serpentine road. On top of the hill the view is spacious and inviting. The cool breezes are a nice break from the heat below.
But it gets better. I find that there is a restaurant on top of this hill, the Tonka Café, a Thai cafe. Though the jungle i notice the sign.
You walk this path and it opens on to a deck that is cantilevered off the hill.
I ordered the rice noodle with squid and spring rolls.
One way to tell a good spring roll regardless of internal ingredients is that the wrapper has to be crisp all the way around and throughout. One bite did not disappoint, crispy crunch through and through.
Both dishes were excellent.

Next a disappointing waterfall but good food…


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