A Peek at Thailand …

Protests in Kuala, Lumpur, Malaysia

Well I missed the protests in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this weekend. This is very unusual as Malaysians are not a people who comment publicly about the government. The some 20,000 protesters want changes to Malaysia’s electoral system. The opposition argues that the ruling coalition shows prejudices and the electoral system favors the controlling government.

(APF Saeed Khan)
Just as well I wasn’t at the protest as I probably would have gotten arrested trying to take pictures.
Phuket, Thailand – Beaches, food, and the sex tradeI spent a full 3 ½ days trying to see all that I could in Phuket, Thailand which is not enough time to give the area any justifiable comment but I’ll try. Phuket has quickly turned into a tourist haven for the traditional culture, the beautiful beaches, inexpensive cost of living, and of course the sex trade.
This is my hotel, the Royal Phawadee Village, there are four rooms in this bungalow at about $80 US a night, very nice accommodations. Cost of living is cheap in Thailand, a coke cost 30 cents, a beer about $1.30. Come before the US goes bankrupt and the dollar is still strong against the Baht.
The Royal Phawadee Village hotel is one block from the infamous Patong Beach, typical European Speedo tourist hangout.
While you sun you can get a Thai massage.
But I wanted to see something different so I set my GPS to hit a few spots on the West coast. Once out of the city things get pretty sparse.
Leam Beach, North of Pantong beach, was a pleasant sight with hardly anyone around, but a better surprise was the deserted beach that had no name.
At least I don’t think it had a name. I can’t read Thai. This must be a local beach or a private resort beach, makeshift grass huts and fire pits spotted the area with a few plastic chairs and umbrellas.
The area looked like it hadn’t been used in a while, not a soul around except a frog.
The main religion in Thailand is Buddhism represented by the many Buddhist temples or Wats.
Near the center of Phuket Island resides a strange temple called Wat Phra Thong.
It contains a half buried Buddha. Legend has it that everyone who has tried to un-earth the Buddha has fallen to ill fate so it remains half buried today.
Still to come, James Bond Island, Thai food, and …

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