The Klang River, Street Art, and food poisoning …

It is Sunday evening July 3rd and I believe I finally eat something that brought me to my knees. Not sure what it was as I ate at a few places on Saturday.
I woke up this morning about 8am nauseous, at 10am I had chills and at 11am a fever of 102.5. Bedridden I held my cell phone in hand ready to call the guard desk at my apartments to send an ambulance and take me to the hospital. I told myself if the fever hits 103 I’m making the call.
By noon the fever was down to 101.5 and the chills have subsided.
 By 2pm it was down to 99.3, I slept the rest of the day.
Although the government states that malaria has been eradicated in Kuala Lumpur, the symptoms were classic, tomorrow I’m going to the clinic to get tested. 
July 2nd Zombie Land…
Walking the concrete banks of the Klang River reminds me of an apocalyptic zombie movie, barren with no visible signs of life in the city up above.
Homeless people live here, thriving under the city in tunnels, bridge overhangs, and canals. It’s best to come here in the early morning or with others.
Call it what you want, graffiti, vandalism, personal expression, an intrusion into your day to day commute, or street art, either way it has a big following in Kuala Lumpur. Like any large city there are some very good artists plying away the wee morning hours to demonstrate their talent.
This artwork can be found behind Central Market in China Town.
This one in KL
The Klang River divides Kuala Lumpur into East and West and some of the best artwork can be found here.
The following can be found across the highway from the beautiful old train station (1910) …
And the Railway Administration Building (1911)

If you walk East from the train station you will cross the Klang River. There is a slipway down to the river where you can walk for miles and admire the art.

Some of it new …. Some of it old…

This is just a glimpse of what I happen to capture on my 2th of July weekend. It’s best I get moving as it’s getting late in the day and zombies are starting to stir…

Next week I’m heading to Thailand, can’t wait to try the food there …


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