Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur

Went to Pantai Seafood again tonight to get Chili Crab! A little out of the way but worth every mile a great place.
Im pushing the limits here. My blog may get censored and/or blocked if it gets any more risqué than this so I have to be mindful of this fact.
Censorship in Malaysia is closely monitored and controlled. Public movie goers will not see any nude scenes and private parts are pixelled out or the scene is deleted, but if you buy a DVD it is unaltered. Disney movies are a big hit here.
So I tiptoe to explain a funny correspondence with my friend Paul.  My good friend and travel comrade Paul is a fastidious and inquisitive young soul who must research any and all questionable statements or facts. An engineer by training, Paul is a wealth of knowledge and trivia, case in point. This blog wrote on May 6 titled “Fun in bed or the Asian Terrace” mentions that chopsticks are fun in bed. Well leave it to Paul to find documented reference to this fetish, I mean technique. Where he finds this stuff I don’t know but I think this film maker stole my idea!
I haven’t seen this film “Sex and Chopsticks” but if you can read the fine print the story line is about a young man who is taught the art of love making by his father and he goes on a debauchery of womanizing, obviously with chopsticks!
Merdeka Square
Merdeka Square is in the center of Kuala Lumpur and the site where proud Malaysians lowered the British flag in 1957 signifying independence from British rule.
Once the social area for the British elite the Merdeka Square illustrates the English Moorish architecture depicted in the Sultan Abdul Samad building, built in 1897.
Across the field is the Tudor style of the Royal Selangor Club. The large green field between these two structures was once a cricket and polo field but now it is used for concerts and the celebration of Malaysia’s independence.
This beautiful  fountain was dedicated to the Queen of England.
Next Holiday BBQ…

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