I finally got out on my bike in the nearby city of Putrajaya, 15 miles south of Kuala Lumpur. On a Sunday morning I nearly had the town to myself except for a few tourist.

Putrajaya was built in the 1990’s to house the Malaysia government and administrative offices. It was meticulously planned as a garden city along with lakes, gardens, parks, and some unique suspension bridges, perfect for bike riding on a Sunday morning.

Google map
At one end of this huge corridor is the Office of the Prime Minister with its majestic teal domes.
At the other end, 3 miles away, is the convention center resembling a spaceship or one of the hats at the royal wedding.
In between these two landmarks is an expanse of flat pavement and parks surrounded by the government buildings.
Starting South and heading North is the Ministry of Information.
Attorney General Office
Government office buildings
Seri Saujana Bridge
Palace of Justice (Court house)
Putrajaya is a showcase of urban planning with nearly 40% set aside for green spaces.
Iron Mosque and Corporation Complex
Ministry of Primary Industries, National Audit Department and Immigration Department
  Seri Wawasan Bridge one of nine crossing the man made lakes
Minister of Finance
Putrajaya Masque and the Office of the Prime Minister

Some interesting facts:
Only 10% of the workforce in Putrajaya are non-Malaysian.

There are no restaurants that serve pork in the city as Muslims don’t eat pork. Even the local McDonalds egg McMuffin is served with turkey bacon.

There have been touts of complaints that the Malaysian government has been one sided in building the city as there are no monuments or places of worship for other religions.

Besides what you read the area is beautiful and well planned. I saw a number of bike riders out here so I’ll be back.


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