KL Tower, Kuala Lumpur

Let’s go here today…


Looking out my apartment window I can see the city sky line. The KL Tower beckons. “You are a tourist come see me.” Ok, I have to knock out the tourist traps just one time. When I get to the top I’ll see if I can see my apartment.
Kuala Lumpur tower or KL Tower, as it is known, is the 4th largest communications tower in the world.
At 421meters or 1380 ft. tall it offers the best view of the city anywhere.
Looking South

KL Shadow

 Petronas Towers just a stones throw.
looking West you can seem my apartment.
I’m actually neighbors with the King and his new palace is not far from my place.
I just might have to go over and say hi.
The Prime Minister is the head of government but they also have a King who is replaced every five years by one of the nine heads of state. So if your king today and get replaced your next chance to be king is in 45 years, interesting concept.
Okaaay, that’s KL Tower.  But seriouly if you get here it’s worth one trip.
Curry Fish Custard
I went back to my favorite Thai restaurant the other night and tried something I have never seen before. Needless to say I didn’t like it.

This is “Hor Mok” or curried fish custard a traditional Thailand dish that most Thai’s love. It reminded me of a soufflé.  It is mashed up fish, this was salmon, coconut milk, eggs, curry, with some other spices, and steamed in banana leaves, very odd.

“I like children —- fried.”  W.C. FIELDS

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