“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes”
Mark Twain

So why even make mention of Jimmy Choo? For one he is from Malaysia, two I got tired of looking at temples and shrines (I’ll get back to it), and three I told my friends Melissa and Donna I would take some pictures of the shoes from the store in Kuala Lumpur. Actually Melissa wanted a size 7 ½ pair but…

In the mall underneath the Petronas Towers is one of Jimmy Choo’s stores.
If you don’t know who Jimmy Choo is just ask any woman who loves shoes.
1865 Ringgit or $621 for one pair.
Jimmy Choo makes handmade luxury designer women’s shoes and handbags.
Mr. Choo comes from humble beginnings. He help make ends meet working for his family shoe business in Penang, Malaysia. He made his first pair of shoes at the age of 11.
I asked to see one of the handbags. The young man was very helpful and attentive. This bag was 30% off. 4800 Ringgit or $1600.
These have a 7 inch heel and for $725, thats not too bad is it?
I like these …
Now this is Melissa’s foot. Not bad, better looking than that guy’s foot next to hers. Melissa being an aficionado of the shoe cobbler so to speak I wouldn’t be surprised that she didn’t have a pair of Jimmy Choo’s already.
Enough about Melissa’s feet ;)
These are Donna’s feet, hmm cute…
These are too.
Mr. Choo has just been appointed an ambassador of tourism for Malaysia.
An entrepreneur and an iconic figure representing Malaysia Mr. Choo has become a great example of hard work and an innovator not just to Malaysia but to all in the business world.
Nice shoes Jimmy …

“I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes.” Oprah Winfrey

To my friends Melissa and Donna I hope this brightens up their holiday weekend and no, I’m not buying you a pair.

2 thoughts on “WHY JIMMY CHOO?

  1. Anonymous

    Dave – Love this about the shoes and yes Melissa and Donna have great feet. I would kill to be able to wear those super high heels…..no more for me. I have a bummed toe right now and cannot wear heels at all. Hopefully with steroid injections and inserts, I might be able to hear some heels in the future. Just love those Jimmy Choo Shoes!


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