Fish Spa’s

Every time I search the web for restaurants in the area there is one that always comes up, Sao Nam Vietnamese Restaurant. The reviews give it top honors due to the freshest of ingredients and the chef’s dire need to make the dishes as authentic as they come.

The map showed the location smack in the middle of downtown on Tengkat Tong Shin street one block off of the infamous hawker food street Jalan Alor.  
Darn, it’s an ordeal to get downtown with the traffic and all. But as one of the most reviewed restaurants in Kuala Lumpur I had to search it out and track it down at whatever the cost.
I parked several blocks away and walk to find this little yellow two story restaurant.
Communist propaganda posters dress the walls and remind one of the bygone but not forgotten days of Vietnam.
This poster says “Greater food production is key to expelling the Americans.”
Aside from the décor to remind you of what Communist Vietnam thought of Americans, this place was comfortable and inviting.

This is Sam my waiter. He asked “Where you from?”

“Uh… Oh I live here. Up in Mont Kiara.”

Sam nodded and smiled. “Yes i know the place.”

With soothing 1930’s French music in the background, I choose some items from the menu. Sam said “That’s too much food for you.” And he made some recommendations.
Prawn spring rolls
The fresh mint came through on ever bite with basil, some lettuce, a shimp, scallion, all wrapped in rice paper, dip this in some peanut sauce and you have an excelent appetizer.
Okra and Tomato Sauce
I wasn’t so excited about the okra and tomato sauce but it was fresh, simple, and not that bad.
Clay Pot Chicken with Yams
But the chicken clay pot thing, yum. This was sweat coconut curry and tinder chicken that had a little heat but not much. Combined with a sweet yam bite this was also very good.
Central Market Kuala Lumpur
The Art Deco Central Market in Kuala Lumpur, built in 1888, is a tourist attraction that has local and imported arts and crafts.
Like all tourist attractions you have to see them once. It wasn’t that bad if you are looking for the gift to take back home that says Malaysia. My friends are getting the knock off Harley Davidson T-shirts. Oops, let that out of the bag. “Yeah that’s right, and don’t complain if the size is too small!”
Anyway… Walking through this place I see some pretty good arts and some really nice crafts. The building is about the size of a football field, soccer or the American football field, take your pick.  Next to the Central Market are more stands and crafts.
Inside I see a crowd of people sticking their feet into a pool, it’s a fish spa. These have become very popular in Malaysia and Singapore.
Advertized as reflexology fish spas the fish are call Garra Rufas imported from Turkey. They eat the dead skin off the feet and are said to provide healing powers and improve health.
 The fish have no teeth and it feels like little tiny taps along the souls of your feet, very refreshing after walking all day.
Next a little graffiti art and Merdeka Square ….

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