Pudu Market

Last weekend I went to the largest open air market in Kuala Lumpur and on the way I stopped at the beautiful Masjid Jemek.  Cream colored weathered stone, this masque is due for an upgrade in 2012.
The Jemek masque is one of the oldest in Malaysia and is an abrupt contrast to the surrounding modern buildings.
Built in 1907 this masque is surrounded by the Klang and Gombak rivers which splits the city down the middle.
At the front gate there is a sign indicating proper attire and what not to do or wear. Pretty much self explanatory, the female form cannot be revealed, no punk t-shirts, but one figure puzzles me. Look at the middle figure, do they really mean no bulge in the shorts?!?
I’m just saying, looks odd to me.
Pudu Market Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
If it grows out of the ground, crawls, swims, flees into the sky, walks on four legs, you can get it here. Some of this would send me to the hospital for an extended stay.
Steamy hot, crowded, raw meat, all makes for a smell you can’t describe but let’s try…
 Smells like the back seat of an old taxi cab that just dropped off a car full of partying college kids who couldn’t hold their liquor.
Throw into the back seat of that taxi cab, a wet dog, some Thai fish sauces, turn up the heater to a billion degrees, and I think you get the idea.
One delight to see here at the market was the coy fish merchants selling every color, size, and shape of goldfish.
When I was looking for an apartment, many that I considered had fish ponds right in the middle of the living rooms. I passed on the pond in the living room.
All in all I had enough of the Pudu Market but I just had to see the largest buther shop in the city just once. All this makes me hungry.
Madam Kwan’s is strictly Malaysian fare, introduced by a friend of mine, she says is one of the best in the city.  I have to agree.
This location in Bangsar, a suburb of Kuala Lumpur, is always packed. I ordered the fish stew. Fish stock and coconut milk, flavored with ginger and onions, ladled over chunks of fish and rice noodles, you can’t go wrong with coconut milk.
Speaking of fish, next Fish Spa’s …

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