China Town – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Part II

So I walk out of Petaling Street and the wet market and see this little temple. The thick smell of incense fills the air. I peeked inside.

Off to one side is the huge pizza oven looking thing. Not knowing anything about this place I respectively took my pictures and left.
After a little research I find this little temple is dedicated to the Taoist God of War, Guan Di. He stands defiantly outside guarding the entrance way.
Built in 1888 the Guan Di temple is the oldest in Chinatown.
Devotees bring fruit and offerings to Gaun Di. Others purchase joss sticks they clasp between the palms of their hands and mutter payers.
Followers come here to seek protection, prosperity and general well-being. One way to ensure your wishes are heard is to purchase paper offerings and burn them in the pizza oven or kiln.

This was a great diversion and a way to appreciate a littel Chinese culture.
I leave the temple and continue my trek. Malaysia was once a British colony and the old colonial buildings in and around China town and Kuala Lumpur are showing their age .
I turn down another street and find this whole block dedicated to dried fish.
Turn another corner and this Hindu temple hits you. I wanted to go inside but some function was taking place.
One last stop before I leave this place of sensory overload. Lunch time!  I read this place was one of the best and cleanest in China Town which resides in an old colonial building.
Nyonya Fried Noodle
Vegetables, shrimp, bean-sprouts, and chili paste, spicy, served on a bannana leaf.
This place was old, quaint, and freindly.

China Town is great. I’ll be back but after dark next time. Next Pudu market and Coy fish.

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