Chili Crab !!!!! This place was cool….

The Pantai is a seafood restaurant with some very fresh seafood.
There is this wall of seafood with guys who chase after the delicacies you have chosen.
This is who I call the conductor. She instructs and informs patrons what and how to order. You pick point to your seafood and choose how you want it prepared, fried, chili sauce, garlic sauce, butter sauce, baked, steamed, swished around in the toilet bowl, however you want it.
Seafood from all corners of the world
Geoduck was a big seller
They have their own version of Chili Crab. This is what I ordered….
Chili Crab is to Kuala Lumpur as much as Krabby Patty’sare to Squidward’s Krusty Krab restaurant. Sponge Bob Square Pants would be envious. Every seafood restaurant has their own version of Chili Crab. This is a dungeness crab in a sweat tomato base with a hint of spicy kick. The bread is for dipping in the chili sauce.
The kitchern was bustling and food was coming out fast and furious.
Shark fin has become an environmental controversial topic. The killing of sharks just for the fin and nothing else is not a responsible earth wise practice as it depletes the shark population. California has gone so far as to introduce a bill to ban the possession, sale and distribution of shark fin. Most Chinese restaurants in Malaysia sell shark fin.
Okay my meal is done and my shirt is splattered…
On to Part II of China Town…..

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