China Town – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

China Town is in your face like a dog that has reached the end of its tether and continues to bark, hawkers yelling, crowds pushing, smells coming at you from all directions (good and bad), and around every corner a new surprise or happening.

Petaling Street is in the center of China Town. You can get anything you want here from pirated DVD’s, to coffins, to knock-offs of every design and some good food but be weary of where you purchase your eats.

Day shopping at Petaling Street
You would miss it if you didn’t stumble upon it like I did, an obscure dark, dank alleyway, just off Petaling Street. This is what they call a wet market, stall after stall of butchers, fruit stands, and fish mongers. Covered by tin sheeting this place went on for blocks. Barely two people could pass the narrow walkway. 
If you are at all squeamish this is not for the faint of heart, chickens being killed, dipped into hot water and plucked, fish getting gutted, shark fin being sold.
Not the most sanitary place I’ve been to…
I maneuver through this place and finally see road and pedestrians passing in the distant opening and make may way. I emerge out into another alleyway and see this thing!
Part II next…

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