One American

This is my neighborhood, restaurants and bars line the streets, along with a pretty good grocery. My apartment building, the tall one in the background, can be seen at the entrance to this little commercial area. Called Mont Kiara, a suburb of Kuala Lumpur, a lot of foreigners (expatriates) live here, Chinese, Japanese, Australians, Brits, and as far as I can freaking tell, one American! I’ve been asked more than once if I’m from Australia.
Along these streets are a few good restaurants but they are little more expensive due to the expat population. One restaurant I have visited more than once is the Golden Triangle.
Tables line the sidewalk
The menu says it Indonesian Cuisine. What it tastes like to me is a mix of Thai and Malaysian. This was Very Good …
The prawns were sautéed in a sambal mixture. Each restaurant has their own secret sambal recipe. It is a blend of spices, tamarand paste, lime, basil, and fish sauce, accompanied with some steamed rice, this is an excellent taste.
The Papaya salad was one of the best I’ve had. Spicy HOT, topped with fried julienne fish pieces, Sweet, with the crunch of the fresh cool papaya and an occasional peanut, this was exceptional.
Sambal Prawn 35 ringgits
Papaya Salad 15.70 ringgits
Steamed Rice 2.5 ringgits
Greed vegetable 17.70 ringgits.
Total 70.9 ringgits or $26.63 (US) add to that a couple of beers and you can get to $40 quickly.
Vegetables in Tea Sauce had a charred smoky taste due to the tea and sauté, very good.

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