Batu Caves Part 2

Through out the Batu Caves there are many deities and shrines, too many to explain. But each has a purpose and a following.
Don’t touch the monkeys! Did I mention the Macaque monkeys, they are everywhere. One scratch or bite can create a nasty infection, but that doesn’t stop many tourist from feeding them and trying to get as close as possible as I found myself doing. I have read they have attacked tourists trying to steal away food.
Heading back down you can see the city in the distance and what would any good shine be without the souvenir stand.
Back at the bottom …
there are a number of tourist vendors, you can get a henna tattoo or some sweets that looked like radioactive rice crispy treats. I didn’t try them.
This brings us to the monkey man, Hanuman, standing guard next to the caves. Hanuman is worshipped by devotees as a protector of the land and keeps the surrounding area free of evil. Most Indian shrines will have some representation of Hanuman in idol form or picture.
After all that caving I needed some Indian food. I drove to the mall food court and ordered a typical Indian dish.
Poppadom, made of Rice flour or chickpea flour, water, cumin, cayenne, fried with a light dusting of salt. Crispy, they are one of my favorites.  The squash was hot and full of curry flavor. I had to take inventory of the small red hot chili peppers and pick some out. The chicken was uneventful with a bland cumin and tomato sauce but the curry sauce on the rice came from a bucket of goat stew and was full of spicy goat flavor. All in all it was filling and very good. ($5 US).

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