News in Malalaysia

I knew Malaysia was a hardliner on drug trafficing and has some of the strictest laws in the world but something is just not right when you put these two stories together. In todays news paper …..

And this add is kind of odd. Not sure what they are trying to sell here.
Near by were I work there are a number of what I consider the fast food of Malaysia type eateries. A colleague and I went to an Indian restuant for lunch today.
He was Indian so I said I’ll get what you’re having. This is called Nasi briyani. It’s spiced rice with your choice of meat and usually a side. We had the lamb briyani with a curry vegetable stew and cucumber salad. Rice was ok but the meat was tough and without flavor. The cucmber salad was the best. It had sliced pineapple and hot red chilies mixed in a sweet vinegar dressing. We washed it down with a fresh jar of watermellon juice.

I’ll go back but order something other than the lamb …..

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