Future of electricity in Malaysia

So today I had to go purchase some speakers for my computer. The ones I brought from the USA did not have this new kind of plug from the future.
The preeminent store to buy electronics in Kuala Lumpur is Low Yat Plaza, seven stories of computers, phones, and robots.
But before I fight the crowds in Low Yat I decided to eat across the street at Venny’s. It looked ok, rickety tables and food displayed on the sidewalk.
I ordered the Chicken and Rice with the local Tiger beer.
Chicken and rice is a staple of the Malaysian diet and it comes in a number of curry flavors. It’s a curry base with chicken served with a boilded egg and rice cooked in coconut milk. Hey, wheres my boiled egg? I ordered the spicy chicken and rice. It was HOT, with hints of cardamom and basil. Not bad for $5.16 US (15.50 Ringits), that included the beer.

Another choice at this restaurant is the pre-cooked food on sidewalk tables. Ignore the dust kicked up by pedestrians and automobiles. Seems to work as most restaurants in this area are like this. They give you a bowl of rice and you put in the bowl whatever is on the table and you get charged by the piece. It looked good and i’ll have to try that next time but now I need to buy my speakers with the plug of the future. 

I made it back to my apartment. This is my elevator. Notice anything strange?
There are no floors with the number 4 in it!!!  Most public buildings do not have a 4th, 14th, 24th, … floor. What I’ve been told is that the Chinese believe its bad luck, kind of like the missing 13th floor in the US.

2 thoughts on “Future of electricity in Malaysia

  1. The Onyx Plate

    I’m bouncing around your blog learning more about you. I received word of your blog from our good family friends the Fulps when they learned more about my own foodie passion. It really is a nice blog, least as they said, and you make me want to hop a plane with these beautiful photographs, and delectable bites. I look forward to more posts! Nice to meet you. :)

    1. Dave Post author

      Thanks Jhooker, Any friends of Ves and Ruth are friends of mine. You are more than welcome to come visit.Free place to stay. Thanks for visiting.


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