Singapore Day 2

Little India, Singapore

The first things you notice when you step out of the train station are the wonderful smells. Curry, jasmine, incense, it’s all flowing through the air and in and out of every street. I didn’t have time to eat here but did manage to take a few pictures.


Sri Mariamman Temple
China Town, Singapore
A must see and visit while in Singapore is China Town
Yue Hwa Building China Town


Yue Hwa Building is a 5 story store catering to the Chinese clientele. The first floor is the most interesting as it contains the medicinal and health merchandise such as shark fin, antlers, rare ginger root, and a vast array of dried animal parts and pieces. Pictures are not allowed inside maybe due to some of the controversial environmental species being sold or the private parts of dried animals, not quite sure.  

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple – China Town, Singapore

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple was built to house relics of the Maitreya Buddha, the Buddha of the future. Upon entering you see a replica of Maitreya Buddha carved in wood.

In the after room is a statue of the goddess of mercy which sits on a lotus throne. The building is four stories high with the 4th floor containing Buddha’s tooth. They wouldn’t let me see it. I have read it is a 2-meter tall solid gold stupa that weighs 420 kg. On occasion they roll it out for devotees and tourists.

Goddess of Mercy
I was fortunate enough to arrive durning the chanting session…..
Tea Shop, China Town, Singapore

Next week a hunt for an appartment in Kuala Lumpur.


4 thoughts on “Singapore Day 2

  1. Mikael

    do you know what those hose are for next to the toilets….??? it is a step up from the bucket of water that I am used to seeing in a Muslim countries.

  2. clacey

    Hi Tanner… miss ya! Loved you post! How exciting enfolded with this culture. Just loving it all. Thanks Dave for the updates. Connie


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