I found this little guy on my window shade, just sitting there. I quickly got my camera hoping he wouldn’t fly out the window. When i returned he was still there, just sitting there. It reminded me of a friend of mine who found his father-in-law the same way, just sitting there, not moving, just there… Unfortunately they are both dead. Well all the better to take a few shots, of the dragonfly, not the father-in-law…

DragonFly-13-2DragonFly-23-2 DragonFly-5


Yut Kee

Its Sunday morning ugh… 10am, a SHOUTING MAN hands me a cup of coal-black coffee, a welcomed relief after one too many cocktails last night. The SHOUTING MAN points us to a table, seated we share a board with four other unknowns after a long wait in the queue, a queue I have driven by many times at many different hours of the day, it is always present.

At first appearance the Yut Kee restaurant in downtown Kuala Lumpur looks a little, well, scary. My thought, why not move to a better location and the answer is this, you don’t change something that’s been working since 1928.

You smile and nod to your unknown table guests and then enjoy Roast Pork roll served with homemade applesauce and maybe some soft-boiled eggs, or you might try something called a Chicken Chop. The food is comfort and well prepared, for two of us, $7 US.

YutKee KL-24

YutKee KL-8-2

YutKee KL-20 YutKee KL-4YutKee KL-15 YutKee KL-13

35 Jalan Dang Wangi, Kuala Lumpur.  GPS: 3°09’22.2″N 101°42’00.1″E

Worth the visit but come early. Next we are going to burn a car to send to the afterlife…


India will humble you …

If you want a little perspective on life, then get out and travel, maybe across town or to the next state. Why? Because every time you do your outlook and understanding on life deepens and grows.

I went to India last week for business, stayed in a five-star hotel, for hygiene and safety reasons, but once I left my private little cloistered hotel room you quickly come to realize how fortunate you are.

India-76 India-72

India-2 India-33 India-35 India-69

You have to be careful in your dinning choices, this is the Tandoor Restaurant in Bangalore. Of course the Indian food is exceptional, garlic Nan, mutton masala, tandoori shrimp.


India-59 India-58 India-53 India-50 India-46

A little Perspective …


India-40 IndiaLady1 IndiaLady2




India-17 India-18 India-24



Fugu and Scallop Lips

An average of twenty people die each year from eating the Japanese sushi delicacy known as Fugu (foo goo) or the common puffer fish, and if poisoned, there is no antidote.



The puffer fish contains one of the most potent toxins on earth and if not prepared properly will bring on paralyses of the entire body then a slow death by asphyxiation all the while the hapless victim is fully awake until he suffocates.



 But those Japanese are so cleaver in their ways that it makes this one dish a must in a culinary bucket list.

The Fugu sushi is hard to find in Malaysia, in fact I have only found one place in Kuala Lumpur that prepares it and only during certain months of the year. Tonight I am going to test fate and eat this Japanese delicacy known as Fugu at the Rakuzen Sushi Bar.


The Rakuzen is a great sushi restaurant, fresh, clean, and they use real Japanese chefs. We order a number of items, an appetizer plate, mackerel, spider roll, and then the Fugu…MsE (1 of 1)Fugu-11Fugu-16 Fugu-19

Well I don’t see what all the fuss is about, although very mild and the paper thin fish almost melts in the mouth, it was just “just so so”, no paralysis, not even a tingle of imminent death, or flailing on the floor, oh well. I will return to the Rakuzen as I do almost on a monthly basis but the Fugu, I had to try it once.

A parting shot…

Chinese New Year has just passed us by, year of the horse by the way, and during this time of year its open season on what one may considered as food. For example, while shopping in the grocery today I found this!!! FishHeadSoup-17

Oh yeah! Scallop Lips! Oh I had to buy them, and oh yes I will be the one to introduce this delicacy into the culinary world and reap fame and fortune!


Ah but alas, the market and cooking options for Scallop Lips is not in that much of a demand once the obvious question is asked…  “Where is the rest of the scallop?”

The back of the box states that Scallop Lips nourish the Yin, invigorates the liver, and removes body heat. The box does say Premium Scallop Lips.

Well what you do with them is soak them in water and stir-fry them with your vegetable, not bad, a little fishy, chewy, dried leathery lip kind of thing but I still wonder where “is” the rest of the scallop?

Thaipusam festival

It is 4AM in the morning and the smell of incense and clove cigarettes fills the air, throw in deep-fried curry puffs, dal simmering in an open kettle, and a smidgen of urine and we have a festival.

I am here at Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia at the largest Hindu festival outside of India, the Thaipusam festival.

Once a year thousands of Hindu’s gather at the Batu Cave shrine in honor of Lord Murugan, he is the big tall gold fellow in front of the steps leading into the cave. Enduring physical burden and demonstrating acts of devotion are the order of the day. The lesser act of tidings a bucket of milk to the shrine is just as honorable as carrying a large Kavadi or piercing the body.BatuCavesThaipusam-3




Thaipusam festival advise:

  1. Come early. 4 to 6 am.
  2. Take the train. The cave is not accessible by cab, bus, or car during the festival due to the thousands of visitors.
  3. Upon arriving at the Batu Cave train station buy a return ticket so you don’t have to wait in line for two hours fighting the crowds to get back into town.

Phuket Thailand – Patong Beach

A final post on Phuket Thailand, tonight we are at Patong Beach and it is a show. This is where most come for a party, prostitution, and to get a glimpse of the beautiful Ladyboys (men) as they prance around the street. We park ourselves at one of the bars on the street, order some drinks and just watch the people, so much fun … ;)ThailandPhuket2013-265


I just love the expression on these peoples faces…

Phuket People1


If you want a picture of a Ladyboy you need pay them 100 Baht ($3). If you take their picture and don’t pay them you get chased down the street followed by screeching obscenities. This family did not pay and I thought a fight was about to breakout…ThailandPhuket2013-250

I don’t think this is a place for children but many tourists bring their kids here. After some time of trying to understand what she is looking at I’m sure this poor little girl will have years of enjoyable therapy and an ample supply of mood inhibiting drugs.ThailandPhuket2013-256

This is not legal, this is not okay – I don’t mean the prostitution or the Ladyboys, I’m talking about this guy in the hat with a protected endangered Loris. As cute as they are, resist patronizing the people with gibbons, Loris, or other endangered species.ThailandPhuket2013-248


Well this is enough silicon for me. Phuket is so much more than this and the place and people are very friendly, check out the previous few posts and you will see why. The Thai food, I can’t say enough about it, I’ll be back.

Phuket 2

Phuket, Thailand for Christmas Part 2

Rawai Beach on the South end of the island has a local fishing village called Gypsy ThailandPhuket2013-107Village. One side of the street are the fisher-women selling the days catch, the other side are the restaurants, souvenirs and local crafts.

No telling what you might see here. Families live out their lives along the shore, vendors sell just about anything and as we were eating our lunch a guy came through selling honey comb from a bucket he just harvested from somewhere…ThailandPhuket2013-80ThailandPhuket2013-181ThailandPhuket2013-93 ThailandPhuket2013-96HoneyThailandPhuket2013-116ThailandPhuket2013-105Oh yes, sauteed basil shrimp fresh from across the street and tom yum soup with stalks of lemon grass so big you could hit a baseball out of the park, So good.Peace

Back in town renovation on the old colonial buildings is an ongoing effort, some beautiful some not so much. Circa 1800′s to early 1900′s.ThailandPhuket2013-183 ThailandPhuket2013-189 ThailandPhuket2013-190 ThailandPhuket2013-192 ThailandPhuket2013-193Phuket 2

Next, one last post on Phuket, Patong Beach …